Magnus Torstensson

Magnus is not the result of his reputation. Torstensson is a digital artist who has love

Wednesday update

Automobile abiotrophy: We just had our current crazy-car (a red volvo 240) examined. The mechanics found that the clutch is broken and could possible have ruined the whole gearbox. The crazy car might need to undergo painful and expensive surgery to get back on its hooves. In all this automotive anxiety I heard the news that the new Fiat cinquecento is on its way. Hopefully, come autumn, Livia and I will be driving one of these small motor wonders.

Panary palilogy: Bread, bread, bread. At work we celebrate the beginning of each working day with the sharing of bread, cheese, water and coffee. It's a ritual intended to improve coziness and communication. It does. The bread used during these matutinal ceremonies, however, tastes so remarkably and addictively good one can begin thinking it is the result of divine, impanate intervention. The fact that the bread comes from a bakery bearing the very monastic name "Brothers and Sisters" only substantiate this suspicion further.

Sunday susurrations: Starting past sunday Livia (my face-deforming wife in the upmost photo) and I have begun reporting our current headspaces, wherabouts and adventures over at Thundering Hooves won't contain any groundbreaking nor earthshattering news. It's more about longing for the summer, strapazze mundane and coping with the constant surges of anticimissing old and remote friends. More on this subject later.