Four Ophones New York Tour 2006

17-22 November

Four Ophones New York Tour 2006

Four Ophones is an interactive sound installation that allows visitors to record sounds that are replayed infinitely until replaced by other sounds.

The installation provides a space for playful musical collaboration and language-independent conversations where the visitors themselves become composers, instrumentalists and listeners at the same time. Ophones foster everything from subtle interference etudes; collaborative chanting; semi-automated, social commentary; to dense polyrhytmic drone parties.

After having visited Scandinavia, Europe, and Asia the Four Ophones are finally heading west for a five day tour of galleries, streets and clubs:

  1. American Ophoniste Idol
  2. Open Ophones
  3. KM POW
  4. WPS1 Art Radio

KM POW @ Official, Llc, Saturday 18 Nov

One night of experimental sound an vision, with Ezekiel Honig, Joshue Ott, SUIT, Unsworn and DJs Camea, Montrachet and James Willeford

Open Ophones, Dead Road, Central Park, Sunday 19 Nov

Free-For-All Ophone-fiddling Picnic in eastern Sheep Meadow, Central Park.

AmeriCan Ophoniste Idol @ Monkey Town, Tuesday 21 Nov

is the most prestigious title in international Ophoniste artistry. Reserve a seat at MonkeyTown and see the 2006 winner get crowned!


Unsworn talk about nteractive Sound and play some rare Ophone tracks.

The New York program is put together and coordinated by Unsworn and Brooklyn based curator Elna Svenle (PS1, Electronic Arts Intermix).

The Four Ophones New York Tour 2006 is kindly supported by