Transform your cellphone into a musical instrument

Snap, crackle, Pophorn

Pophorn is a series of small software applications that transform mobile phones into various musical instruments. Pophorns acknowledge the mobile phone as a platform for active sonic (co-)creation, and aim to shorten the distance between pocket and musical action.

Pop your own horn at www.pophorn.net!

September 2007
Launch of www.pophorn.net and public presentation at the Full-Pull festival

August 2007
Pophorn Alpha Testing starts; email info[ät]pophorn.net to take part

July 2007
Bora Yoon uses several Pophorns at Lincoln Center concert in New York

June 2007
UNSWORN is awarded the Bjarne Nyquists minnesfond grant to further develop the Pophorn project

May - July 2007
Erik produces fine Pophorn code during a residency at the Nordic Artists' Centre in Dale, Norway

February - March 2007
Erik brings early Pophorn prototypes to streets, universities and museums in Bogotá and Medellín for the UNSWORN Ophonine Pophorn Colombian Tour 2007

Spring 2005
Erik and Magnus are tired of carrying heavy Ophones around the world and start dreaming of a more mobile sonic life...