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Unsworn Telecom is a series of products and services for beautiful and surprising telecommunications. They are sculptural landmarks as well as interfaces to practical and poetic functionality that caters to unexpected and idiosyncratic telecommunication needs.

Telemegaphones are tall loudspeaker sculptures that automatically answers incoming phone calls and projects the sound of the caller's voice into its immediate surroundings.

Megaphonebooths are coin-operated, public megaphone kiosks. For one euro per minute anyone can speak into the handset and have their voice instantly amplified and projected into the local environment.

Metaphones allow you to conduct phone calls through the air of a third location.

The Chronophone service allows you to call yourself - one year into the future.

Ophonestations are groups of public loop machines. The Ophonestation transforms its surroundings into a social space for playful auditory collaboration that blur the borders between passers-by, composers, instrumentalists and audience..

Unsworn Telecom is supported by Nordic Culture Point.

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Unsworn Telecom develops products and services for beautiful and suprising telecommunications

Unsworn Telecom is a division of interaction design studio Unsworn Industries

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