Sounds, Camera, Interaction!

Interfacing Medellín secrets

Sounds, Camera, Interaction!

The goal of this sprawling, three-night workshop is to work together in creating one or more interactive audiovisual installation(s) for a big street party in Comuna 13 the last night.

Taking off in thoughts and practices like interaction design, sound art, storytelling, VJing, and participatory culture we will use hardware ranging from Minidisc recorders to hacked computer keyboards and briefly explore open-source software such as Pure Data, VirtualDub and Audacity. Particpants should wake up after the party with fresh eyes, curious ears and dirty hands.

This workshop was custom made by Erik Sandelin and Åsa Ståhl for the first Pixelazo event in Medellín, Colombia, February 27 - March 3 2007. Check out the workshop gallery for outcomes and encumbrances. Pata de Perro also made a behind-the-scenes video. Big thanks to all the hard-working participants in Comuna 13!

Download the introduction slides (PDF, 4.5 mb)

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