Hello you.

I know that most of you are in a hurry so I will keep this short. I have made three Brick Memories. They are USB memory units in the form of heavy 19th century red bricks. I made them as gifts for three friends. I made them because I wanted them to exist in the world, and because I'm curious of how they will be used.

Making Brick Memories

As you have already suspected that was not the whole story. My name is Erik, perhaps we have met. I spent May 2004 on the Finnish fortress island Suomenlinna. Hostel provided hospitality (and never ending provisions of frozen kiwi) in the old barracks now run by NIFCA .

I could go on for hours talking about the bricks; discussing personal technologies, precious data, transience and commitment in the digital domain, the lack of open-source hardware, and data-pyssel. If you insist I could even rant on why I should never call myself an artist. And the joys of nude swimming. But I'll spare you. For now.