Okinawa vs Øresund

Okinawa vs Øresund


Erik and Åsa Ståhl (with Wanakio and Full Pull 05 arranged the first Okinawa vs Øresund Plockepinn/Mikado match. Øresund won the fierce battle with a close 6 - 4 score.

Playing Across Continents

The mikado game is in Okinawa so players in Malmo have to collaborate with their opponent in order to play.


Mikado Rules

The goal is to have more sticks than your opponent(s) when the game ends. The game starts with one player releasing all the sticks on the table. You remove sticks from the pile, one at a time and without disturbing any of its neighbors. If any other stick is moved in this process, the player will lose their turn. The players continue to pick up sticks until none remain.


Malet ar att ha fler pinnar an motspelaren (motspelarna) nar spelet ar slut. Spelet borjar med att en spelare slapper alla pinnarna pa ett bord. Du plockar pinnar fran hogen, en i taget, utan att rubba nagon av de andra pinnarna. Om nagon av de andra pinnarna ror sig ar det nasta spelares tur. Spelet fortsatter tills inga pinnar finns kvar i hogen.