Legal Prosthetics Workshop

Legal Prosthetics Workshop


Erik is invited by the fabulous Björn W to orate on Action Spaces and instigate Legal Prosthetics workshopping at K3, Malmö University.

In this workshop participants design and produce a prototype of a Legal Prosthesis - a wearable artefact that alters your legal status, providing new possibilities for the wearer.

This workshop is also a practical introduction to making and using video scenarios - a valuable tool for communication concepts and prototypes in action.

Like the Action Space Boxing worksop, Legal Prosthetics also intends to provoke discussion on the often instrumental, or problem-solving, nature of design. How to find a balance between individualistic, yet constructive, over-simplification and the paralysing complexity of social and political realities? Perhaps there is good reason for the slowness of the legislative process in democratic societies?

The Brief

Design a wearable artefact that alters your legal action space. Communicate your concept through one or more concise and convincing video scenario(s).

Update: Check out some of the results in the workshop archive.