Pophorns Awarded in Stockholm

Pophorns Awarded in Stockholm


Two proud UNSWORN Pophornists were awarded the Bjarne Nyquists Minnesfond scholarship at a sunny ceremony in Stockholm this weekend. Swedish soul hero Eric Gadd handed over the big diplomas after a brief Ophonine freestyle session.

The late Bjarne was himself a very active creator in that fuzzy-bordered area of digital media, music, business, research, and art - a place we also attempt to inhabit. The award is handed out once a year to “bold, progressive and realisable ideas which combine culture and technology in innovative ways in the spirit of Bjarne Nyquist”.

From the jury’s statement:

Simple, obvious ideas are the hardest ones to come up with. This year’s award winners are spot-on. We at Bjarne Nyquists Minnesfond are very happy and proud to from an early stage be able to support and take part in something we believe will be a great success.

Try your Swedish by reading the full press-release here.

Post-award mingling

After the ceremony there was an informal Pophorn jam among the Champagne-toting crowd. We realised that the Ophonine Pophorn can be tons of fun also without using external speakers.