County Administrative Noise Buttons

County Administrative Noise Buttons


Unsworn Sound brought the noise to a new exhibition on urban and regional dilemmas.

We want clean, sustainable energy sources but do we accept our stunning ocean view to be invaded by windmills? We want convivial and vibrant cities with outdoor restaurants, clubs and concerts – but are we prepared to sacrifice our beauty sleep? The County Administrative Board of Skåne deals with these issues every day and in a new exhibition at Form/Design Center in Malmö they try to make visible – and audible – these and similar dilemmas.

Bringing the noise

Being renowned and chronic noise-makers Unsworn Sound was approached by The Board to record quality sounds and provide the necessary electronics for the audience to be able to play back the sounds at the click of a button. How could we say no!?

Playground Noise?

The opening happened a few days ago but the exhibition will be on until October 10. Cardboardy shout-outs to Testbedstudio for coordinating a fine exhibition.

More buttons

If you can’t make it to the exhibition in Malmö to push our buttons, try these noisy buttons instead. Ah, the prefix brings fond memories of this perhaps-too-forgotten 90’s band. End of parenthesis.