Energetic Roboticisms

Energetic Roboticisms


Unsworn Research develops ideas for energy aware, metallic creatures and meets an old friend at the Wanås opening.

Electroszim & Sons joined us this Wednesday for a session of bicyclic bodystorming. What could be more pedagogic and enlighting than a besserwisserish robot in the front saddle of your tandem bike, regularly serving you pieces of power consumption knowledge?

Österlen reunion

Celebrating Erik’s name day we drove the red 240 to lush art-park Wanås and the opening of this year’s exhibition. Nicolas “Relational Aesthetics” Bourriaud was there to add international flair to the event but the French consonants of his opening speech scattered in the warm summer breeze. This year’s exhibition theme is loss but for us it was certainly a happy reunion to again see curator Elna Svenle, who we haven’t met since winter 2006 when she kindly invited Unsworn Sound for the Four Ophones New York Tour 2006.