Intrepid Industrialisms

Intrepid Industrialisms


Unsworn becomes Unsworn Industries and moves to a new studio.

Some of you have known Unsworn long enough to have seen our first staggering steps as a heavy metal band in the late nineties and have patiently watched our transformation into an experimental interaction design duo. Today we move into our new studio, put on the top hats, light expensive cigars and call ourselves Unsworn Industries.

Unsworn Industries is an interaction design and innovation studio specialising in the careful crafting of personal technologies, social action spaces, interactive sound, and online experiences.

New feline employee

We would also like to welcome our newest co-worker, Rolf the Cat. Rolf (or Roffe as his friends call him) specialises in database design and nocturnal hair-licking; has a dedicated box in the new Unsworn Industries HQ closet; but will probably work from home most of the time as his crisp auditory senses don’t fare well with our black-metal neighbours.