Telemegaphone Birmingham?

Telemegaphone Birmingham?


Telemegaphone Dale is no longer available. The test-run is over and the annual Dale deer hunt has begun. We're hopeful that we can turn the installation back on soon. In the meantime we have begun scouting for other nice locations for future telemegaphones.

During it’s brief existence Telemegaphone Dale has attracted a lot of interest and many people from all over the world have enjoyed its unexpected, poetic services. We have received many inquiries and suggestions as to where we could put the next bunch of telemegaphones.

This far we have had suggestions for as exotic and disparate places as Beijing National Stadium (the Bird’s Nest), Birmingham, Southern Jutland, the jungles of northern Colombia, Downtown Bogotá, Times Square New York, Kivik, the Moon, Lofoten, and M’Goun (the second tallest peak of the Atlas mountains)

All of these are intriguing potential locations in their own right and we wish we could get to do them all.

Where would you like the next Telemegaphone to be?