Telemegaphone Hike

Telemegaphone Hike


Unsworn Telecom organised a public hike up to mount Bergskletten to discuss telemegaphonic issues and to officially close down Telemegaphone Dale for the winter.

Hiking (at gå på tur) is a popular Norwegian past-time and Dale has plenty of breathtaking hike-trails. After negotiating a ceasefire with the local deer-hunters we set off for a picturesque and misty climb up to Bergskletten to get Telemegaphone Dale ready for winter hibernation and inspect the signatures of the Telemegaphone hiking book.

Moist signature of brave Telemegaphone Dale hikers

We also valued the opportunity to discuss life with Telemegaphone Dale with the hikers - a small but brave group of local Dale folks as well as international artists residing at the Nordic Artists’ Centre in Dale. Before putting the installation to a long seasonal sleep we made a few last phone calls, wishing Dale a happy winter and expressing our hopes for future mountaintop telecommunications collaborations.

Finnish photographer Laura Vuoma shot these scenic masterpieces: