Til topps! Telemegaphone Dale Mounting Expedition

Til topps! Telemegaphone Dale Mounting Expedition


Telemegaphone Dale is now in place on top of Bergskletten mountain. It was a tremendous collective carrying effort.

Special hats off for the team of horn-carriers who volunteered to help us carry a ton of stuff up the steep mountain in the blazing sun: Les Joynes, Bjørn Kowalski Hansen, Svein Ove Løseth, Maria Petschatnikov, Natalia Petschatnikov, Helga Steppan, Åsa Ståhl (who also shot the quad-action film above), and photographer David Zadig, we owe you big time and will remember this collective effort for ever!

Svein Ove is our new hero. Here’s a video of him climbing a 7-metres ladder, on the top of the Bergskletten fjell, mounting a 15 kg wind generator with one hand.

Sweaty gallery

These images speak for themselves: