Visualising a Malmö with Less Cars

Visualising a Malmö with Less Cars


Last week the Unsworn Research studio was bustling with activity, as we workshopped with the City of Malmö on how to envision less car-oriented futures.

Ridiculous car trips

Last year the Street and Parks Department of Malmö urged all Malmö citizens to think again before conducting an act of “ridiculous driving”, not referring to people travelling at insane and dangerous speeds but as a response to the fact that almost half of all car trips in Malmö are shorter than 5 kilometres. These trips could, in most cases, just as well have been done by foot or by bicycle. Changing peoples’ attitudes and providing viable alternatives to car-travel before the trip or transport happens is at the core of Malmö’s so called Mobility Management initiative.

Continuing the dialogue

Last September the City asked Malmö citizens for suggestions on how to reduce car traffic in Malmö. People posted more than a thousand proposals and comments to a dedicated web forum. Suggestions ranged from extravagant sky-trains, to €100 parking fees, better bicycle infrastructure and free public transport. The City approached Unsworn Industries to come up with ideas for a follow-up campaign to these suggestions, to conceptualise “an exhibition that’s not an exhibition” - to provide action spaces for a continued dialogue.

Looking at, listening to, trying out, and co-creating possible futures

So, last week we hosted a full-day concept development workshop with people from the City as well as external, invited designers and architects. After the post-it tornado had settled, three clear themes were still standing: The upcoming campaign will be about visualising the proposals from the Malmö citizens as well as actually trying out these possible futures in short interventions. New tools for co-creating the future traffic-landscape of Malmö will also be created.

Good stuff

Ideas from this workshop will be manifested in Malmö public spaces early 2009. We at Unsworn Research have to say that we admire the courage of Malmö’s Street and Parks Department in actively encouraging unconventional and provocative ideas. Hopefully we’ll be able to continue collaborating throughout the project.