Behold THUTO!

Behold THUTO!


We're in Copenhagen enjoying bright sun and dark beers at the (not so Danish sounding) Zum Biergarten. We just finished playing with mighty THUTO in the nearby Axeltorv.

Finger-licking Good Interactions

THUTO (The Human Touch Orchestra) is to equal parts an interactive sound sculpture and a science project. With THUTO visitors can create different kinds of sounds by connecting various hand-shaped terminals on the surface of the sculpture. Visitors connect the terminals by touching them and allowing a control current to flow through their own bodies.


The electric resistance of their bodies control the pitch of the resulting sounds. A single person or a long chain of people holding hands will thus generate different sounds. There are four pairs of terminals that are mapped to both melodic and percussive sounds, allowing crude music compositions to be performed.

And for those sweet synthesizer falsettos? Wet hands, it seems, create the most high-pitched squeals.

Much ado about THUTO?

THUTO is built to allow people to learn more about electric conductivity in a playful manner and spawn interest in Danfoss Universe Science Park. The project is produced by Studio Total with technical assistance from 1scale1. Unsworn Research helped Studio Total nail and clarify the concept in a rapid idea and concept workshop earlier this spring. Go THUTO!