New Parascopes in Malmö during COP15

New Parascopes in Malmö during COP15


I’m in Helsinki talking about Burma with participatory art people at KUVA and discussing Megaphonebooth practicalities with Pixelache prominents Nathalie and Ulla. Minus 15 degrees and biting Siberian wind make the COP15 heat seem very far away. But, back home in Malmö everyone will soon be biking instead of driving.

Bike and Ride

Lucky for them the City of Malmö is planning a new, fancy bicycle hub, codenamed Bike and Ride, next to the new, fancy Triangeln Syd station for the Copenhagen train. Even better, using two Parascopes at Gustav Adolfs torg in Malmö during COP15 you can check out the Bike and Ride facilities and discuss them with city personnel on site.

New feet

For this occasion, Unsworn Visuals designed and produced new battery-powered Parascopes. The new ones are more comfy to use for people of all heights and compositions. They are also easier and cheaper to deploy with no need for 220V hassles. And also, mainly, they are prepared to be powered by solar panels or small wind generators.

Hats off

Thanks to Kylprodukter i Kivik for magic welding skills and to trusty Terje for invaluable, late-night cable-crafting assistance!