Percussive Pyrotechnics Party

Percussive Pyrotechnics Party


Unsworn Visuals provided a sparkling fireworks-drumkit for the New Year's party at Norra Grängesbergsgatan.

I like cows. They are big, heavy and probably dangerous - but if you approach them in a slow chicken-race they will always move out of your way.

If you’re in a small boat, passing by a bunch of cows grazing by the river, you can throw some water at them with your bailer. They like that kind of stuff.

Cows usually notice you when you pass by them. That’s good. There is something eerie about animals that don’t acknowledge your presence. Cows will definitely stop what they’re doing and greet you with a stint bovine stare.

I hope no cows are reading this, but the stakes are extra high this year.

Happy new year!