Return of the Parascopes

Return of the Parascopes


Three Parascopes are back in the streets of Malmö for the Malmö Festival and beyond.

Festival Parascoping

During the Malmö Festival a lot of people are out and about. It’s the perfect time to discuss what Malmö could be like with less cars. The Parascopes, and the various future panoramas they display, act as conversation catalysts to keep up a dialogue between the city-planners, politicians and Malmö citizens.

On-site and On-line

Check out possible Malmö-futures at Stadshuset, Folkets Park and Kungsgatan/Amiralsgatan (until August 21) or explore and discuss on-line at Hopefully the Parascopes will become permanent and recurring in Malmö, and will come to act as signs that a certain location is put into play, is in flux and open for debate.

More Parascope Reading

Read more about the Parascopes and Unsworn Visuals’ collaboration with the City of Malmö in this article published in Danish landscape architecture magazine Landskab a few months ago.

Future Futurising

This autumn we will continue working on formats, tools, and processes for envisioning and discussing potential futures. We’re gathering a dream-team of visualisers, citizens, and city-planners.

What places do you think would need a Parascope?