Telemegaphone Dale 4-Ever!

Telemegaphone Dale 4-Ever!


Telemegaphone Dale will reopen August 3 as a permanent landmark and grandiose communications channel of Fjaler in western Norway.

Fjaler municipality acquires Telemegaphone Dale

Telemegaphone Dale was open for two months during fall 2008. People from all over the world - including Dale - called and found their own uses of the service. Word of the Telemegaphone spread like bushfire throughout the blogosphere and generated a lot of buzz in both old and new media (see the film above). When we returned to Dale in October we learned many stories about life with the Telemegaphone, both disturbing and amazing. Check the movie below for a quick summary of the Telemegaphone test period of 2008.

Most Dale-ites were proud of their Telemegaphone. They missed it and the municipality has now finally decided they want to keep Telemegaphone Dale as a permanent landmark and an experimental everyday communications channel.

The project has spurred interest, controversy and debate all over the world. It brings up contested issues of democracy, communication and control. There is also something painfully beautiful in the service offered and the many ingenious ways that people use it.

Grand reopening in Dale

August 3 is the planned date for a grand and much-awaited reopening of Telemegaphone Dale. New York-based omni-instrumentalist Bora Yoon will perform a new Telemegaphone concerto live from Chicago, created especially for this occasion.

More Telecom

Unsworn Telecom is a division of Unsworn Industries dedicated to creating products and services for beautiful and surprising telecommunications. We’re happy to announce that we have just been awarded a generous grant from Nordic Culture Point to expand our range of unexpected infrastructures.

All these good news call for a mango-lassi in the Malmö sun…