Unbelivia Wins Ophoniste Grand Prix 2009

Unbelivia Wins Ophoniste Grand Prix 2009


Unbelivia wins glittery Ophoniste Grand Prix 2009.

With her startling composition One Day without Disgrace and crutches-toting choreography Malmö-based ophoniste Unbelivia charmed her way into the hearts of the stern Jury.

Last Day of the Station

It was a beautiful August evening at Spångatan yesterday. Ophoniste Grand Prix 2009 became a truly fitting finale for the Ophonestation Malmö installation. International stars mingled with neighbourhood kids. The Unsworn hosts sported their finests denim skirts.

Ophone Veteran

Unbelivia is an experienced ophoniste. Under her North American alias La Livia she place 2nd in American She came 2nd at American Ophoniste Idol 2006? in New York. She was also a juror at the spectacular Ophoniste Grand Prix 2006 held at Ars Electronica in Linz, Austria.


Unsworn Sound cordially thanks the exceedingly competent jury members: Cindy Lee - art magnate at KRETS, Erik-Mikael Karlsson - sonic connoisseur at SR Monitor, Cecilia Nordlund aka Cilihilli, and radioman extra-ordinaire Tor Billgren.

We also extend loud and proud hurrahs to all the contestants: Olle, Majiker, Unbelivia, Woopededoo, Malmökids, Text och Textil, Serpens Caput, Daniel, Inventor, and Smiling Pause.

Off to Basel

After a tune-up in the Unsworn garage the Ophones will be sent to Switzerland for the Pronto! exhibition.