Big Screen Birdwatching

Big Screen Birdwatching


Fowl-curious people gathered at the popular Unsworn Visuals-designed Social Birding tent at Falsterbo Bird Show this weekend.

Perhaps you’re curious about birds (with wings) and bird-watching, but you don’t own a pair of tube binoculars and you’re unsure of how and where to direct your gaze? At Falsterbo Bird Show this weekend you could converse with bird experts while observing live video footage of circling sparrowhawks, honey buzzards, and hobbies on a large screen in a custom designed tent.

Other screens displayed Flickr photosand Twitter messages contributed by fellow festival participants.

Vital components of this Unsworn Social Birding setup are:

  • a steady-handed, bearded cameraman with awesome optics
  • an exhaustive bird image database ready-at-hand to pedagogically assist the conversation
  • nimble google-fingers to conjure up images when the discussion meanders beyond the image database and turns to Chinese cormorant fishing or guano production
  • daily film reports from the local bird ringing station
  • 200 inches of plasma to fight of the bright sun outside

Stay tuned for more unsworn ornithological experiments!