Online SMS-Embroideries

Online SMS-Embroideries


Unsworn Web designed and produced – a crafty website for a series of ambulating SMS-embroidery sewing circles.

Slow embroidery and fast tech

Digital communication meets traditional craftmanship in Threads - a mobile sewing circle, a workshop that tours Swedish rural community centres until 2012.

The website is the online extension of the sewing circles. It documents what is produced in the workshops, offers new trajectories through the material, and invites others to share their text message-embroideries.

Collaborative development

The site was developed in close collaboration with initiators Åsa Ståhl and Kristina Lindström and producers Swedish Travelling Exhibitions. This allowed us to design a site that tightly integrates with the pyshical exhibition series.

Behind the eternal clotheslines a heavily customised WordPress installation powers the site. We created fresh plugins to allow a new type of “thread-based” navigation as well as custom uploads of SMS-embroideries from the web and mobile phones.