Up, up, and away...

Up, up, and away...


One lucky Parascope is heading east for the World Expo in Shanghai.

The City of Malmö is one of 48 cities invited to partake and exhibit in the Urban Best Practices area of the World Expo 2010. The expo theme is Better City, Better Life. The Parascope will be used to visualise pasts, presents and futures in Malmö’s transformation from industrial harbour-town to a university city with high sustainability ambitions.

Beefed-up Parascope Engine

For the Expo, the Parascope will sport a brand new panorama software that makes installing, using and administrating the Parascope a piece of Chinese cake. Unsworn C++ gurus are busy brushing off their OpenGL skills to produce solid code that can handle the pressure of the expected 70 million visitors.

Unsworn Exhibition Assistance

Unsworn Visuals is also helping the Environment Department and the Streets and Parks Department in designing their parts of the Malmö pavilion. 18 metres of white wall is to be put to informative, pedagogic and occasionally interactive use.