Life in the City – in Alnarp

Life in the City – in Alnarp


Unsworn Industries sent a massive delegation to Alnarp the other day. We lectured, workshopped and exhibited at the annual Movium conference, this year themed Life in the City". Some 200 people who work with "everything between the buildings", from landscape architects to cemetary caretakers, attended.

Prototyping the City

Following prominent speakers like Martha Schwartz Erik and Magnus sharpened their powerpoint to the max and delivered a snappy presentation on prototype-oriented city development. The key message: by making potential futures more visible, audible, and tangible they are possible to discuss and evaluate, also for non-professionals. If we are seriously working towards a citizen-dialogue within city-planning we need new prototyping formats. The Parascope and its sibling projects are attempts in searching for such formats.

Post-lunch Panoramas

After a hearty lunch all participants were invited by Elisabet, Terje and Magnus to remain seated and get their hands dirty with pens, post-its and panoramas. The brief: turn the space outside the conference venue, “Bobos plats”, into a better meeting place. In one hour. The resulting panoramas were uploaded into a Parascope on-site for swift comparison. Thanks everyone for eagerly joining in!

Stainless steel showcases

Besides two Parascopes, we exhibited a fully functioning Megaphonebooth. Back from duty in Helsinki last summer, the Megaphonebooth presents unexpected action spaces and new public communication modes. It also proved a invaluable tool for the moderator to announce the upcoming lectures to espresso-busy, mingling conference-goers.