Reviving Thunderstruck Telemegaphone

Reviving Thunderstruck Telemegaphone


Telemegaphone Dale had a rough 2010. The windmill was hit by evil lightning and the pole was pushed by heavy snow. Erik and Magnus went back to Dale to oversee the installation of a new power system.

It started off neat. Dale‘s chief of culture, Ingeborg, sent a Facebook call for dugnad and a motley group of battery carriers showed up to help us transport two 40 kgs lead batteries, one windmill, a solar panel and all those other trinkets you just might need on the mountain. (You don‘t want to climb down again to pick up that essential screwdriver you forgot.)

Svein Ove and Kjetil climbed the pole, mounted the fresh wind generator and a spanking new solar panel - just in case. The amazing Telemegaphone electronics had survived the long winter and happily booted up.

Great! Everything is back up and running!

Don‘t Make Important Decisions on Mountaintops!

This is when we decided to install that new, mind-numbingly powerful amplifier to get some extra sonic oomph on windy days. After all 17 May, the all-important Norwegian national day, was just around the corner and Dale:ites in exile were longing to call home through the Telemegaphone. We wanted to make sure their voices would be heard. The horn speakers weren‘t so happy about the new amplifier though.

Replacement speakers will be installed as soon as it stops raining in Dale. Stay tuned for a, hopefully, happy ending!

A few more expedition photos can be found here.

Thanks, again, to NKD for letting us stay in their comfortable basement and use their workshop.