Innovation Day Skåne

Innovation Day Skåne


Hands-on facilitating the regional innovation strategi

March 16 Unsworn Industries hosted the Innovation Day Skåne event at Stpln in Malmö. Approximately 100 participants involved with the development of an international innovation strategy for Skåne was gathered to discuss:  What kind of innovation challenges should we focus on? And who needs to do what to make it happen?

The meeting was a joint event by Region Skåne, FIRS, Sounding board, and the Swedish government with representatives from the ministry of enterprise, energy and communications. One of the aims of the day was to produce input to the national innovation strategy which is currently under development.

Unsworn Industries guided the participants through their quest of:

  1. Finding important innovation challenges.
  2. Producing project proposals answering to these challenges.
  3. Committing oneself to take action to make it happen.
  4. Articulate concrete proposals (in Swedish: inspel) on paper for the national innovation strategy that was handed over to the government representatives.

Help from Our Friends

All this was done with the help of blowing our horns, pink envelope guidance, letters from the future, speech bubbles as a parallel communication channel as well as placards and some additional conversation props for enhancing the discussions. We were supported by Jonas Klevhag, Teknolpol (moderating) as well as Varelsen (moviemaking):

Stpln provided roof over our heads and Herrgårdens kvinnoförening served us delicious food. Thank you all!