Swedish Chronophone Launch Today

Swedish Chronophone Launch Today


”Record your message after the beep. You have one minute. In exactly one year we will call you back and replay your message.”

Chronophone is a telephone service that allows people to call themselves – one year from now. When you call the Chronophone it automatically picks up and records whatever you say or do. One year later the Chronophone calls you back and replays the recording.

Since the Chronophone world premiere in Finland in 2011 it has also been introduced in Greece and Switzerland. Today we celebrate the launch of the Swedish Chronophone service.

So far, people have approached their Chronophone call with a mix of enthusiasm and caution. The weight of the task haunts some: “What if I die and someone else is using my phone and they get a call from me!”. Others see Chronophone vouchers as a perfect gift – a drop of “the long now” injected into everyday life and chores.

What would you tell your future self?

You are warmly welcome to join the Unsworn Telecom crew at Skånes Konstförening at Bragegatan 15 in Malmö, Friday 23 March. There will be beer, tapas and Chronophone vouchers for sale from 5-8 pm.


Chronophone is part of Unsworn Telecom – a series of products and services for beautiful and surprising telecommunications.