## Rösträtt LABB

Rösträtt (the right to voice/the right to vote) is a radical effort to empower preschools to implement music pedagogics and music-making on young children’s own terms.

The project is about democracy and participation, through music. In Rösträtt LABB Unsworn Industries, in collaboration with cihldren and pedagogues from Malmö University, have developed concepts and pro- totypes for two concepts.

DoReMix is a series of music players for preschool kids. Here we experiment and try out ways for the children to search, select, remix, adapt and even co-compose songs.

In another concept, AppCamp, kids, designers, pro- grammers, and preschool personnel work together to design and produce several custom sound apps during a short day. We developed custom software for rapid app-prototyping and re ned workshop methods for co-designing with very young children.